Why Do I Need A Illinois Accident Report?

Why Do I Need a Crash Report?

Were you involved in a car accident on Illinois roads? Do you plan to file a claim with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need your official Illinois Traffic Crash Report.

One of the first documents insurance companies request when processing a claim is the official crash report. This report contains specific details about your accident that can be used as evidence when determining the settlement you could receive to cover the costs of the crash.

Requirements for Obtaining a Illinois Traffic Crash Report

Having a copy of your official crash report can benefit your insurance claim in many ways, and it’s also required by Illinois law in some cases. Under Illinois Statute Chapter 625 Vehicles § 5/11-406, you could face penalties including fines, jail time, and license suspension if you fail to report any crash that resulted in the following:

  • Property damage over $1,500
  • Injury to any person
  • Death

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Requirements for Filing an Accident Report in Illinois

According to the Illinois state law, any driver involved in a collision must report it to police if any of the following occur as a direct result:

  • Injuries
  • Death
  • $2,500 in property damage (or more) occurs

Failure to report an accident under these parameters is considered a class C misdemeanor in Illinois. You could face license suspension for neglecting to report an accident if required.

Common Questions About a Illinois Crash Report

An official crash report is not required to begin a claim with the insurance company. But without an official crash report, it could be more difficult to establish fault and causation for the crash, resulting in a significantly lower settlement than you might expect.

You should always contact the police immediately after a crash. If an officer is not called to the scene, there will be no official record of the accident.

If the other driver attempts to leave the scene before authorities arrive, gather as much information as possible before they depart. Details like the license plate number, make and model of the car, and a physical description could help law enforcement and your insurer find them later.

You can request a copy of your crash report at any time. That said, it usually takes ten days after the crash for the report to be made available.

Obtaining your official Illinois crash report in person or via mail through the local law enforcement agency typically costs $5.00, plus an additional charge if you use a credit card. But remember, you can recover a completely FREE copy of your report without leaving the comfort of your home. Click HERE to get started!

Your Illinois Traffic Accident Report and the Insurance Company

Once you decide to file a claim with the insurance company, they’ll likely request a copy of your official Illinois Traffic Crash Report. The adjuster will use the information in the report to investigate your crash and determine what kind of settlement to give you.

Without an official crash report, it could be difficult for the adjuster to determine crucial facts about your accident. This could lead to your monthly rates increasing and a settlement that is much lower than expected.

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